Educational Tours, Visits & Picnics

The college organize various Educational Tours & Visits for the students for their all round development. Also picnic trips has been arranged by the students to various places of Himachal Pradesh.

Industrial Tours At the end of the session, the college arranges Industrial tours for the practical training of the students.

Sports And Cultural Activities Sports activities are arranged according to the sports calendar and the prizes/medal are distributed to the achievers in the Annual Function. A series of well organized and coordinated activities emphasizing on the physical and mental development of a students is conducted every month throughout the session. Activities like Quiz, Declamation Contest, Art and Craft, Flower decoration, Greeting­ Card and Poster-Making, Rangoli, Singing / Dance, Calligraphy, Recitation, Reading, Decorating Display-Board Competitions, etc., help the students to hone up their inborn skills. A conspectus of activities is provided to the students in the beginning of year.

Orientation-Camps, Workshops and Seminars Frequent orientation-camps, workshops and seminars are organized to upgrade the pedagogical skills of staff members. It helps them to experience that unlimited power within them to become more effective in work, develop a vision and help them emerge as a winner. In the same time it also inculcate a positive self by thrusting one to retrospect one’s attitude, values and obstruct our way.